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Custom Teambuilding

Puzzle offers the opportunity to combine various initiatives for up to 30 people with an escape game. We are pleased to tailor you a customized schedule with the desired activities.

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Does your group consist of maximum 18 people? Than we have the perfect room for your teambuilding: The Mental Institution! This room in Ghent is designed for bigger groups and takes 90 minutes.

You can play this room with up to 18 people and this might be the possibility to play with your entire team! In the Mental Insititution, your team takes part in an experiment of a doctor whose family suffers different phobias... Does your team dare to take this on? You can find the video on the page of The Mental Institution.

Why is The Mental Institution perfect for teambuildings?
- The entire team can play together (up to 18 people).
- The game is designed to let everyone work together.
- You are being locked up for 90 minutes (in stead of 60), which causes more fun and better teambuilding results!
- You can combine the room with Escape & Coach: the coach can see the relations in the group even better, because everyone is in 1 room.
- You can combine the room with Escape & Eat: eat something before or after the game, in one of the toprestaurants that work together with Puzzle.
- You can combine the room with Escape & Meet: organise a meeting in our fully equipped meeting room.
- You can combine the room with Escape & Apero: enjoy a glass of bubbles and some nice snacks after the game.

Request your tailor made offer!

On the page "Extra options", you can choose which activities fit with your company and we would love to make a tailor made planning for you.

An example of how the day could go:

At 8.30AM, we start with a nice breakfast. Then, we have meeting of 4 hours in the morning, with sandwiches as lunch. In the afternoon, the business- and personal coach will hold a training, which includes the escape game. Once everyone has escaped, the coach will analyse everything and meanwhile, you can enjoy a sweet escape, or an aperitif. To finish the day, you can have a dinner in one of the top restaurants we work with!

This formula can be adapted to your desires!

request your tailor made offer!