Escape Room House on The Hill

House On The Hill (2-6 players)


In 1798, a mysterious family moved into the house on Pottelberg in Courtrai. The family had no contact with their neighbours, they rarely, if ever, went out and strange noises came from the house. Not a single person in Courtrai dared to contact them. But suddenly, the family disappeared...

The house has been empty since 1801, but according to some local residents, strange noises still come from the house. A few weeks ago, Magdalena James, an English researcher specialising in the paranormal, went to investigate. An hour after she entered the house, the contact was broken... Do you dare to investigate what happened to Magdalena and what on earth is going on in this mysterious house?

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Success rate
60 %
Puzzle variation
89 %
Out-of-the-box thinking
93 %
95 %
Escape Room de besmetting Kortrijk

The infection (4-8 players)

About a month and a half ago, things went completely wrong during a tour of a medical research laboratory. A few playing children knocked over a hazardous substance, causing a chemical reaction. The resulting toxic substances quickly spread through the air in Courtrai. For now, masks still keep us safe, but that won’t be forever. The substances are spreading and they’re becoming even more toxic. You must develop a vaccine for the population within 60 minutes, because this could mean the end!

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Success rate
75 %
Puzzle variation
93 %
Out-of-the-box thinking
84 %
88 %


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Number of players Price pp
2-3 € 90,00
4 € 100,00
5 € 125,00
6 € 150,00
7 € 175,00
8 € 200,00


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