Escape room Gent The Russian Lab

Escape The Russian Lab (2-7 spelers)

Our very first escape room built in 2016 but still Puzzle's most customer-loved escape room! Attention! This escape room is closing its doors - this time forever - on 24 April! 

In this story, you and your team take on the role of top European spies. In the 1970s, six Russian scientists were working on research at a secret location in Ghent. They themselves did not know they were working on a chemical bomb until 1 of the scientists discovered it. He contacted the gendarmerie of Ghent, but no one believed him. Not much later he was killed in a traffic accident.... There was a mad search for the secret lab. Unfortunately, it was never found... until now. You get 60 minutes to determine the location of the bomb in the lab and make an antidote should this chemical bomb still explode. GO!

This is a beginner-level room and independently playable from 15 years. For children from 11 years old, at least one adult supervisor must accompany you in the room. 


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Escape room Gent The secret chocolate factory

Escape The secret chocolate factory (2-6 spelers)

Attention! This is your last chance to play this room because unfortunately the doors will close - this time forever - on 24 April!

In this escape room, the Colombian mafia is hot on your heels. In 1850 (Bogota, Colombia), 2 Belgian businessmen had a deal with a Colombian cocoa farmer to exclusively import his rarest bean. For a century and a half, they used this bean to produce an extremely addictive chocolate recipe in a small chocolate factory in Ghent. They got rich, but unfortunately the farmer and his family did not. The recipe was secret and passed down from father to son. Recently, the only 2 recipe holders happened to die at the same time. The Colombian mafia found out about this and, according to our sources, they will be here within 1 hour.... Quick! Find the recipe!

This game is for players with average experience. Of course, anyone can play it and escape with the help of our Game Masters. This game can be played independently from 15 years of age. For children from 11 years, at least one adult should accompany the room.



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Escape room Gent Het Gesticht

Escape Het Gesticht (8-15 spelers)

Attention! This is your last chance to play this room because unfortunately the doors will close - this time forever - on 24 April!

This escape room is not just any escape room. The doctor of this asylum needs 'recruits' to take part in his experiment that lasts a maximum of 90 minutes. One big team, split into different groups, who will need each other more than ever. After all, the doctor has a big problem: his family is suffering. They have various phobias that are killing them. They are going crazy and the doctor wants to do something about it. He is sure he has the ultimate solution this time, but do you trust him? Are you ready to participate in this experiment?

This is a room for players with average escape experience. Of course, anyone can play this one and also escape from it using tips our guides can provide. This room is playable from age 15. 


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Below the prices for our escape rooms in Ghent!
We prefer online payments, but if necessary you can pay on the spot with Banconact, VISA or Payconiq.
We do not accept cash.
Children and students up to 26 years old receive a 10% discount.
*The prices in The Mental Institution are slightly higher because this escape game lasts 90 minutes

Number of players Total price
(60 minutes)
Total price
(90 minutes)
2-3 € 90,00  
4 € 104,00  
5 € 130,00  
6 € 156,00  
7 € 182,00  
8   € 288,00
9   € 319,50
10   € 350,00
11   € 379,50
12   € 408,00
13   € 435,50
14   € 462,00
15   € 487,50
16   € 512,00
17   € 535,50
18   € 558,00

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