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Puzzle escape rooms Aalst


In the valley of the Dender you will find the city of Ajoinen, Aalst! Known from Daens, Louis Paul Boon and basketball club Okapi Aalstar, but mainly Carnival, of course, including Voil Janetten! The Tettentoren is now also a bit of puzzle, and we welcome you into the crypt of the Belfry!

Puzzle Escape Rooms Gent


Lonely Planet proclaimed the city of the «Stroppendragers» the best kept secret in Europe. And rightly so, if you ask PUZZLE escape rooms! The city of Leie can offer a lot, or how a real Gentenaar would say it: "Ne vree wijze stad"!

Puzzle escape rooms Kortrijk


Puzzle's newest location!


The 'Queen of the Coastal Towns'. There is always happening something in this seaside town! Wide beaches, long beach promenade, busy shopping streets, markets, numerous bars, events and attractions throughout the year. As they would say in Ostend: "e bère stad!" (an awesome city)