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The most important rule is... be on time! 
We are quite strict because we do not want the next group being affected by the consequences of you showing up too late.

"On time" means the entire group is present at the hour the booking was made.
For example, if you book an escape game at 1.45 pm, it means that the entire group is present at 1.45 pm. Even better: 1.40 pm!

If the customer places a new booking within 4 weeks, no fee of €50 will be charged. If the customer does not place a new booking within 4 weeks, a fee of €50 will be sent by post.
If one has paid in advance, the amount (-€50 fee) will be refunded afterwards. If the game has not yet been paid, the bill will be sent by e-mail and by post.

Questions about reimbursement can be discussed by telephone or by e-mail with the managers. The supervisors at that moment in Puzzle have their hands full with the groups present and are not accountable.

Exceptions? If you have a valid human reason for missing the escape game, we are of course reasonable and we will not ask for compensation.
For other questions about refunds or dissatisfaction, mail to
For urgent matters? Call +32494815242